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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Segmen Blogwalking 2019 MiaLiana.com

Segmen Blogwalking 2019 MiaLiana.com bermula pada hari ini, 20 November 2019, iaitu tepat jam 10.00 pagi sehingga 11.59 malam 20 November 2019. Semua dijemput join.

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5 blog yang bertuah akan dipilih secara manual dan akan dimasukkan ke bloglist Mia selama setahun pada tahun 2020. Keputusan pemenang akan diumumkan pada 15 Disember 2019.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Swiss-Garden Bukit Bintang KL || Apa pendapat saya?

Salam. It was quite a long time, i'm not sharing about my staying experiences at any accommodation because lack of time especially. Besides, i'm not feeling very well due to my heavy morning sickness (ooppss! BabyE will become a sister soon.. hehehe) thus most of my time was spent at home. But last month I organized one training for my department at Swiss-Garden Hotel, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. As you know to get affordable package for seminar/training at hotel in Klang Valley is really difficult just now. But luckily, i got good cooperation from Mr. Saladdin (their sales person) who organized my event with the package under our budget. Ok, what i want to tell is about my experiences staying at this beautiful hotel which located at the centre of KL - Pudu area.

This is my room at level 9. Actually they just renovated this hotel 3 months ago. Hence, everything in this hotel looked new and fresh.

Rather than using large wardrobe cabinet, they used simple design of wardrobe - industrial concept which is modern look. And i like it!

View from my room.. There are many shops, restaurant and also other budget hotels near to this hotel. Event you can go to Berjaya Times Square shopping mall by walking from here - if larat la! hehe.. Because sometime if you take Grab, the major problem in KL of course traffic jam then Grab driver usually will cancel your request due to this!

I can see the swimming pool at level 3 from my window. But don't ever 'terjun' direct from your room!! hahaha

Clean and brand new bathroom. But I didn't find any exhaust fan for the bathroom which can keep fresh and clean ventilation all the time.

So if you are interested to stay here, please visit https://www.swissgarden.com/kuala-lumpur/ to make reservation.

Misya : Rindu nak travel ke oversea.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Souvenirs from Jambi, Indonesia

Salam. Thank you Norina, my officemate who gave me this cute souvenirs special from Jambi, Indonesia. Actually she went to her husband's hometown there. Untongla she married a guy from oversea! Wakaka... Love this souvenirs because it is different (i mean rare) because usually people will give fridge magnet, keychain or other typical things. A pencil with cute yellow rose and hijab pin. Really appreciate it. :)

A cute thing like this usually sayang nak guna rite? Huhu.. Thus, simpan saja for kenang-kenangan. Thanks again Norina atas ingatan! Next time ada rezeki mana tahu saya pula sampai di Jambi. 

Misya : Pernah obses with yellow colour long time ago. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Me as FBI agent??

Salam. Last week I've joined one English Course at my office named Fasih Bahasa Inggeris (FBI). Actually i missed the session 1 of this course. This time i try hard to manage my time so that i can join this course. It was very interesting course with a great invited speaker from JB named M. Faisal Hanapiah. If you look at his appearance (like Ustaz with a long beard and his Songkok), you will never know that he could speak in English very well! Even the name of this course is FBI, it doesn't mean that you will become an FBI agent. Haha..

We learned so many things how to improve our English in terms of speaking. Because most of the time, our career needs us to communicate in English with outside people including industries people, exporter, importer, international delegates & etc. Even, as a government servant, there is no reason actually that you don't have to improve your English. So, I really thankful to be here as one of the participant because i really want to improve my English. 

In this course, we have so much fun activities that could motivate us to speak in English. We had debating session, forum session, reading, words game and so on.

Debating session. Money or love, which is very important? ;)

This is the 'Kitab' that be given to us (except the Oxford Dictionary). I hope these books could giving me some motivation to be consistently improve my English.

Forum Session

After finished this course, we make promise on our self to speak in English at least for 7 days a row! 

Thank you Mr. Faisal for sharing so much knowledge and tips how to be confident speaking in English. He said that so many graduates couldn't get a job because they can't speak well in English. Oh gosh! By the way, slso thank you very much to organizer who invited me to join this amazing course.

So guys, if you see my writing from now on will be in English language, this is because I've challenge myself after attending this English course. Haha.. We must SPEAK, LISTENING, WATCHING, THINKING even DREAMING in English! 

Misya: We have spend too much time on Malay language, why don't we change that?

I'm one of the winner in Mialiana segment!

Salam. It is quite long time that I didn't joined any blogger segment/contest. However, i try to spend little time to join this segment organized by Mialiana several weeks before. Luckily, i've been chosen as one of the winner! So my blog will be appear in her bloglist beginning this month (October) until December 2019.  Thanks a lot Mialiana!

Misya : Usually my lucky number is 9.

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