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Saturday, January 8, 2011

HuRRy UP!!!

Alhamdulillah.. Today, 8th January 2011 sharp at 10.40pm, i got 200 votes on my photo in PENCARIAN MODEL HABIBI || PRECIOUS MOMENT PHOTOGRAPHER at facebook! Never thought will get so much voting. Thanks to all my friends and families who giving me support in this contest. Although i send the picture after several days of that competition begun. Love all the the voters!! 

Hurry up guys!! This contest will be ended on 13rd of January 2011. A participant who got highest amount of "like" click, will be won. Remember this step..
  1. Sign In your facebook account (if any) and proceed to Sstep 2
  3. Click "Like" on the bottom of this photo. You could comments below the photo. 
The real page must look like this. Don't switch to another photo. hehe.. (Just joking :P)

Love you alls! Muah!!;)

So guys, again!! Announce you to keep voting me and tell your friends and family also. Thank you so much. Really excited actually. haha.. But its okey if i'm not in the Top30 of contestant because they are more gorgeous and beautiful compare to me. (Rendah diri itu penting. hehe ^_^) Mostly they took a picture during formal photo shoot by professional photographer. I'm just using my own creativity to take my own picture. hehe. By the way good luck to another contestants! They also get 1 vote from me.:)

For those who needs my support for making votes, please do leave your comments below the photo okeys. But! Must like my picture first. hehe.. 

Cik Mesya : Lenguh tangan dan jari-jemari ku sebab like picture orang-orang lain yang minta vote juga. hehe..

1 comment :

~SyAhIrAh~ said... Reply To This Comment

Gambar page tu diambil beberapa hari lepas. Tak larat nak print screen n edit yang baru. Now 201 votes.:)

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