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Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank You ALLAH for giviNG me this HappiNEsS!!:)

Congratulations MESYA!!! Wah....! Why suddenly i wish congrats to myself?? haha.. Am i the winner of the Pencarian Model Habibi that i've joined several days before?? huhu.. Sorry, its not correct answer! Oh, talk about the contest, still needs your votes. Please click here and here. Hurry up before 13rd of January!! 

Back to the story, you want to know why? Most of my friends and families have notified why i am so happy. hehe. By the way, thanks for all who wished and prayed for my successfulness. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much. But of course i really thankfulness to Allah s.w.t that make my wish come true.:) Thank you Allah...

Thank You Allah.. By Raihan..
The sky is clear 

The air is clean 
The land is green 
Thank you Allah 

The path we walk 
The lines we talk 
The thing we see 
Thank you Allah 
Thank you Allah 

Say Thank You Allah 
Thank You Allah 

When I sleep 
When I eat 
When I breath 
Thank You Allah 
Thank You Allah 

Say Thank You Allah 
Thank You Allah 

In the night or in the day 
Every morning after prayer 
I'll never forget to say thank you 

There are times when I'm alone 
Feel alright or not so strong 
I'll pray to you and say 
Thank You Allah 
Thank You Allah 

So friends every time remember 
Allah The Most Merciful 
Say Thank you Allah 
Thank You Allah

Hello?? What happen actually? Am I getting married?? haha.. No lah.. Don't get angry ya. Calm down. huhu. Actually, yesterday i got very-very good news! What was it? It was about my SPA interview result was success!! I will become permanent government staff. hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. Syukran.. But still do not know where i will be posted. Hopefully not to Sabah or Sarawak or Labuan! Oh God please.. Its too far for me. But if my posting will be there, i must accept it. The important thing is.. I got permanent position which make me more comfortable in my carrier and of course i can improve my financial saving after this. Oh thanks Allah..:')
My SPA result.. Thanks to both of my interviewers!:)

But something that really interesting behind this successfulness, i remembered several things that connected to my interview day. 

1st: The date of my interview is 11st November which fall on my Mr. J's Birthday. He never stops pray for me and gives me some strength to do the best performance during interview session. After the session finished, he came and we go for lunch and celebrate his birthday..:) Hopefully our realtionship will last forever and ever. InsyaAllah.. Thanks laling for become my adviser in what i want to do in my life. Muah-muah-muah! oopS! Haram...;) Just play-play haa.. hehe..

Me with my laling during his Birthday | my interview day..

2nd: And of course not to forget about my beloved families who also inspired and pray for me. My parent (Ibu and Ayah), siblings (Angah and Adik), Uncles, Aunties and Cousins.. Also, my friends.. Have so many friends, can't state here. huhu.. Thank you so much! Lots of love to all of you.. :)

Several members of my family..:) Love uols!

3rd: It was my lucky day because during my interview day, i was wearing the same Baju Kurung with my first interview for contract position! And i got my first job at Ministry of Health (MOH) after graduate from my study at UKM. That Baju Kurung i bought from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Tak sia-sia aku beli kain tu. hehe.. And of course its pink colour!:p
Kebetulan... My favourite Baju Kurung..:)

Again, Alhamdullilah.. Thank you Allah.. I'm really happy and hopefully this happiness will last forever. InsyaAllah..:)

Smiles... :)

Cik Mesya: Will always pray for others happiness...:)


fadhdeela said... Reply To This Comment

tahniah2..selamat menjadi org gomen!!

im following u :p

Jom singgah: 2011..Rumah Baru!!

~SyAhIrAh~ said... Reply To This Comment

thank you fadhdeela..:) following you too..:)

JAMALUDDIN ABU BAKAR said... Reply To This Comment

Salam Ziarah...dan tahniah..

~SyAhIrAh~ said... Reply To This Comment

Terima kasih..:)

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