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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Want to win Tablet PC worth S$1,099?? Lets join this contest!

Salam and very good day to everyone. From 20th December 2011 until 31st January 2011, hotmail is running the contest called --->

So, to all my friends and family out there, lets join this contest! Peserta berpeluang memenangi Tablet PC yang bernilai S$1, 099! Kalau dalam duit Malaysia berapa ek? Of course its really expensive babe!! 

How to join? It so easy. Yang penting kena ada emel ID hotmail, live or msn. Pada yang belum ada tu, cepat-cepatlah buat sebab hotmail semakin berkembang dan banyak pembaharuan telah dibuat.  I've already use this email since year 2003. (Click here for registration of Hotmail account if you don't have that.) 

So, hurry up! 
Check out here or link above, register your Hotmail ID, promote this contest to all your friends and families and korang juga berpeluang merebut hadiah yang sama.:) 

Oh, how that PC looks like? Like this...

Really interesting right? So, lets join!:)

Cik Mesya: Wah, sejak takde kerja ni, rajin plak aku join benda-benda gini. huhu

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