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Saturday, January 15, 2011

A WeiRD guY nameD MKNA

Assalamualaikum and happy weekend to everyone.. Dah berapa hari aku tak update story in blog. Do you miss me? ahha..;) Thanks for the new followers and blog walkers. I'll check out yours if you leave your name in comments or chatting box.:)

So, today i want to share you something what happened last night during facebooking. haha I do not know how to interpret this situation. It makes me and my friends laughing.|o| As you all know, i'm joining one competition called Pencarian Model Habibi by Precious Moment Photographer in facebook. (Please vote for me!!):) Thus, i'm promoting my photo to be voted by friends and family using facebook wall post, blogging, innit and fb chatting. What happen then??

Haha, suddenly one weird guy named MKNA (not real name):p scolded me in the chatting box. I do not know what his problem actually but he was really angry and condemn me joined that contest. And also pray for me to lose in that competition! You want to know more what he said? Scroll down and see our conversation last night. (Very funny!);D

Click for large image

You know what, after offline, i have check back his profile and surprised, he deleted me as his friend!! Then, i told my friend about this situation, and she suggested me to block this guy from viewing my facebook. Yela, i'm afraid if he is the one of the toyol who always disturb my life.:p

For me, this guy is very weird person and really unprofessional. From hundreds of my friends, only him behaved like that. Last time before this, i was chatting once with him after i approved him as my friend. Suddenly he keep questioning me about my boyfriend, relationship status and about my feelings to my boy. Imagine that when someone you don't know asking you about your private things! It makes me uncomfortable and feel something wrong with this guy. After that, i told him that i am already in relationship and my boy really loves me. I think since that, he started to hates me and thinking negatively about me. I do not know why he was so emotional even i do not know him. I like to have many friends but not every single thing i would like to share. Same like you right?

As conclusion, my friend said this guy maybe in bad mood after breakdown with his girlfriend. haha. Or maybe he tried to flirts me but he failed. (Perasan!):p But its ok.. So far i have already got 360 votes in this contest. Hopefully this will be increase. (Padahal takdelah harap nak menang sangat :p) But i really needs your support to vote for me because at least i need 500 votes to win this contest to compete other contestants. Click here to show your support and know the instructions. Thanks guys for read this story and keep voting me ya!;)

Cik Mesya : Sekarang dah tahu bukan semua kawan adalah kawan kerana sesetengahnya adalah lawan.


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