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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Modelling Contest by Otak-Otak Photography..

Hello guys!! ^^ Another contest to be voted!! hehe.. Again, i'm joining new modelling contest!! As you can see at my right sidebar, there are picture like this...

Yes, Modelling Contest by Otak-Otak Photography.=)

Kindly please give me some support by voting my picture above..huhu.. How to vote? Follow the instruction below...

Instructions :
1) Sign in your facebook account
2) Go to Otak-Otak Photography Page, then click "LIKE" on top of this page
3) Go to photos, and select the album named Modelling Contest II
4) Go to the picture No. 8 (like above) and click "LIKE" at the bottom of that picture.
5) Done!=)

Easy right? So, for my friends and family, thanks for your supports for every contest that i joined. Really appreciate it and only God can repay for that.. Thank you and much of loves from me..^___^

Cik Mesya : Mesti lenguh tangan korang nak vote aku kan? hehe.. Aku sentiasa doakan kebahagiaan korang semua.. Amin...=)

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