From Malaysia to Vietnam...

Hello guys! Yesterday i was joined one photo shoot session or actually it was contest.. Organized by Kak Wan Fieza at Taman Bukit Jalil.. This is a part of the full entry that i will publish later. huhu.. The theme of this event is 1-World Costume Makeover & Photoshoot.. Thus, every team must choose 1 country..

As usual, me as talent/model, my MUA by the cutest girl, Nurul Subhaina and my sweet lady photographer Lina.. And our theme is Vietnam!=)

So, one of the best shot by Lina is below..

From the backside of umbrella..=)

Actually we choose the Vietnamese traditional costume for this contest because.. it was last minute decide! haha...;p Luckily i was bought one Ao Dai (costume) from Vietnam when visited that country several years ago.. But unfortunately we don't have enough part of that costume which is headgear called Khan Dong. Hence, we just mix and match whatever we have. :p But the yield was not so bad! hehehe.. I will upload another pictures once updated by my photographer.. So proud with my team because we are really enjoyed our event yesterday! huhu.. 

Cik Misya : Walaupun kami sampai agak lewat, tapi sangat puas hati dengan hasil make-up Nurul.. Really loves the way she blend the eyeshadow colours..^_^


  1. wow..bestnye dpt jd model..mcm mne nk jd model ek?

  2. em kena rjin join contest..:) n join pape event utk tmbh profile..=)


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