Aku Gadis Kampung...

Hai semua.. My new portfolio. "Gadis Kampung" @_@ This is my first time join event ala-ala traditional like this. At Sungai Congkak, theme was Gadis Kampung.. So, me as talent and Sis Ida Naida as my make-up artist (mua). I like my make-up cause sis Naida make my face so natural without heavy make-up. Just like a kampung girl who live in the village surrounded by jungle, makes me excited to get shoot by photographer. But really disappointed cause not many pictures was taken by photographer cause they don't have much idea to shoot me with the costume that i wore. Actually it will be more suitable if my photoshoot done at Paddy Field area. But its oklah cause give me little experience as Gadis Kampung. Thanks to my MUA and photog such as Incik Baha, Zack Dicaprio and my beloved darling Mr. J.;))

Gadis Kampung wearing a braces?? haha..;p

Natural beauty... Combine with beautiful nature..

With another Dara Pingitan..;))

Really love this one!

Peace and relax....=)

Cik Misya : Thanks also to Cikgu Awie who sponsor my props such as Niru/Tampi, Tudung Saji and Vietnam Hat.:)


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