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Friday, January 6, 2012

Peluang makan free di Kenny Rogers!!

Nak makan free?? Pagi ni aku terima satu emel from Kenny Rogers tentang promosi yang bakal berlangsung pada 11 Januari 2012 ni! [Birthday CT Nurhaliza dan pakcik aku]

RED is BACK at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS on 11 Jan 2012!

Time to don RED all over again this 11 January 2012 as the annual ROASTERS Eating Day (RED) is back! Wear RED – the colour of life, to celebrate good health and vitality through good eating and healthy living with Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR).

The ticket to a year full of vitality starts with an active lifestyle fueled by a wholesome and healthy diet. KRR is in support of maintaining your resolution to a healthy 2012 for you and your loved ones. Celebrate health and vitality by wearing something RED to any KRR outlet and get two (2) Kenny’s Quarter Meals for the price of one.*

Whether it is a RED cap, t-shirt, trousers or lipstick, celebrate health and vitality of you and your loved ones or friends by wearing RED – the colour of life to KRR!

Maksudnya, pada 11 Januari 2012 nanti kalau korang gi makan kat Kenny Rogers, kebetulan korang memakai something yang berwarna merah macam T-Shirt ke, Seluar ke, topi ke.. Korang berpeluang dapat 1 set percuma Quarters Meal if korang order 1 set Quarter Meal. huhu.. Takde lah free sangat pun. Just beli 1 percuma 1. Kalau keluar berdua, dapatlah berjimat sikit if rasa-rasa teringin nak makan Kenny Rogers. huhu.. Layan......

Cik Misya : Bertuahlah dapat benda free dalam dunia ni. 


Unknown said... Reply To This Comment

macam best.. tapi jarang makan kenny rogers : Jom Singgah blog

Nasz said... Reply To This Comment

berita baik ni. serbu kenny rogers. hehehe.

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