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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review Terpantas #2 : Wilson a.k.a Ripples

Hello guys..! Second blog yang join segmen saya INI ialah  Mr. Wilson Khor Woo Han. Wow! Satu-satunya blogger non-muslim yang sudi follow, comment and join my segment. He is so friendly guy! Thanks Wilson and nice to meet you here.^^

So, now i want to review his awesome blog! Want to see his blog? Click HERE and sudi-sudilah follow ya! Sorry ya Wilson, i'm not very good in English thus my entry will become 'rojak' with Malay and English terms. Hehe.

Actually his blog also called as Ripples. Ini kata-kata hikmat sebagai pembuka blog beliau .. 

Just as how the earth and the heavens and everything between them is a reflection of who God is, so is my writing a reflection of myself. Welcome to Ripples, where the lake mirrors my own image; and its depth reveals the treasures within my soul.

It looks like he is very creative person plus berjiwa seni because he has ability to write very beautiful poems in his blog. His blog is very simple and he still new in blogging world. So, welcome to him as new blogger!=)

One thing that funny about him when he explained to me how he copy my banner to join my segment^^

I noticed that she has disabled the right-click function on her blog and there is no way I could copy and paste the banner straight unto my blog post. That's when I thought of opening her blogpost in a separate and smaller window and inserting the banner by dragging and dropping it straight into my post using my left click. ;)

I'm clever right?

Yes Wilson, you're very clever!=) Actually memang saya setting this blog like that because don't want anybody simply copy my entries, photos or any other things in my blog. We call it as copyright and it just to ensure nobody will abuse the content in the blog.

Ok guys, don't forget to visit Wilson's blog ya! Do follow him also. Maybe you could learn English from him! Boleh kan Wilson?;) Senang untuk masa depan!^^

Cik Misya : Oh my English!!! :p


Dunia Wilma said... Reply To This Comment

Bestnya Wilson dapat review dari Cik Misya ^_^

Wilson Khor Woo Han said... Reply To This Comment

Hi, Cik Misya!

Sorry for taking this long to post my comment here. Have been busy in the past few days actually. :p

But seriously, thank you very much for your kind review! =) English, rojak, or even a mixture Egyptian hieroglyphs and ancient Sanskrit... language doesn't really matter as long the message gets across! ;)

I have been running Ripples for almost a year and a half by now, but I only began blogging seriously (Not as serious as you of course, Cik Misya. You post quite A LOT in a single day! Shocking!) for a wider reader scope since the past 5 months.

And in terms of blog layout and preference, I have to be honest with all of you that sharp colours and flashy templates aren't really my cup of tea (Just imagine how SHOCKED I was when I come across a stream of colourful and glittery blogs during the Blogwalking session. Most of the bloggers I know in my circle of friends prefer to stick with simpler designs and are satisfied basic Blogger templates. But I still find it as a very refreshing experience nevertheless.). Rather, I am a person who find more taste and appreciation in simplicity and depth, which explains my layout preference, font choices and the content I choose to share. That's my style of things. :)

For those who are interested in knowing who I am, I am a Christian poet, writer and blogger. I am aware that most of you do not know me, because I only made my very first appearance in the Bahasa blogosphere recently in Adamazralicious' Blogwalking segment; but I have actually been writing for more than six years now, ever since high school, and you can actually Google for my writing by typing my pen-name, Seymour Nightweaver, into the search engine. Nevertheless, it is still my pleasure to be making my acquaintance with you.

The reason why I am here? Because I am interested in making new connections and making myself known to all of you. Apart from promoting my writings (as well as my coming poetry book that I am currently working on) and expanding the reader niche for my blog, Ripples... as a writer, I am also interested in penetrating cultural barriers and learning to get to know people, even if they are from different cultural and religious backgrounds. I realised that I have forged friendships with quite a number of people from all over the world, having friends from various countries such as Japan, Korea, India, Philippine, Bhutan, Indonesia, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Mexico and even UK... but I only have a handful of friends from the Malay Malaysian community, which has been a thought-provoking revelation to me recently.

(To be continued...)

Wilson Khor Woo Han said... Reply To This Comment

(...continued from previous comment. Sorry! It's too long ahahahah :p)

Still, do drop by my blog, Ripples, and follow or subscribe to it if you like what you are reading. I am aware as well that it might be a new experience for many of you to come across Christian poems, writings and stuffs that I would occasionally post up (Well, I am a Christian after all. That's pretty normal, isn't it? Hehe. *shrugs* :p), but I guess it won't hurt to read something different once in a while as well, right? xD

Feel free to comment, ask questions and voice out your opinions as well whenever you do have any. I will be more than happy to receive them, either through your blog comment or even via email. I don't mind Facebook either.

It never hurts to have more friends around. ;)

As an extra, let me share with all of you one of my favourite poems as a closing to my beautiful (but lengthy :p) introduction:



If only one could hear
the sound of flowing water
and its life-giving song,
or understand the words
spoken by those commanding heartbeats
telling the winds where to blow

...if only you could hear
or ask of those things
that I am hearing within my heart
you would have found for yourself
the builder of this stream
running deep, deep within me

and whose ways and shelter
even the storms dare not defy
who I can always turn to and return
whenever weariness hits my life
and rest will always be found
because Love heals and restores.

if only.


The night wind passes by,

Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver
Blog: rippling-ripples.blogspot.com

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