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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Souvenirs from Jambi, Indonesia

Salam. Thank you Norina, my officemate who gave me this cute souvenirs special from Jambi, Indonesia. Actually she went to her husband's hometown there. Untongla she married a guy from oversea! Wakaka... Love this souvenirs because it is different (i mean rare) because usually people will give fridge magnet, keychain or other typical things. A pencil with cute yellow rose and hijab pin. Really appreciate it. :)

A cute thing like this usually sayang nak guna rite? Huhu.. Thus, simpan saja for kenang-kenangan. Thanks again Norina atas ingatan! Next time ada rezeki mana tahu saya pula sampai di Jambi. 

Misya : Pernah obses with yellow colour long time ago. 

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